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Our Blog

4 Smart Home Products That Make Life Easier and Sound Better

It seems like only yesterday when the idea of controlling futuristic technology around your home with your smartphone was reserved for sci-fi movies. Yet these days, those very products can be found on the shelves of your local tech store. You can now control your music, lighting, temperature, security and even cookware from the same device you use to make calls and play Candy Crush.

Granted, there have been tons of gimmicks and, let’s be honest, quite silly ideas along the way. But there has also been a wave of intuitive and genuinely useful innovations that make life at home easier and more enjoyable. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at four great devices from the latter category, starting with the essential smart home product – a speaker.

Smart Speaker

Instead of recommending a single product for the first category, we’re going to take a look at the top three. This is namely due to the fact that the most suitable option for you largely depends on the devices you use on a daily basis.

If you’re invested in the Google ecosystem, pick up the Google Assistant. If you’re used to seeing Apple logos on your products, Apple’s Siri speaker is the way to go. If you want the best of both worlds, Amazon’s Echo is the standard choice – and for good reason.

Either way, each speaker provides a plethora of functions and integrates well with other smart home devices. Playing music upon command is only one of the countless things these devices can do. From making calls to creating your shopping lists to controlling your lights – the possibilities are endless and their software is constantly being upgraded.

Connected Thermometer

Many homeowners need to monitor and regulate the temperature in certain rooms to store fragile items or to take care of plants and animals. Being able to do so from the comfort of your smartphone makes this a quick and easy process. There are a couple of great brands to choose from here, including SensorPush and Temp Stick.

Check out this resource on temperature products to find out which smart thermometer will work best in your home.

Smart Security Camera

Smart cameras like Netgear’s Arlo Q feature Full HD video recording, night vision, power scheduling, lightning fast motion sensors and a variety of connectivity options. Some cameras even feature complimentary cloud storage to keep all your recordings secure and easily accessible.

Smart Doorbell

When it comes to secure smart home products, Nest makes them best. And their doorbell is no exception. The Nest Hello features facial recognition, a solid speaker and microphone setup, video recording and motion detection. Your guests will be impressed before they even walk into the house.

Many of these devices not only add a unique layer of comfort to your home, but also keep you a little safer when it matters most. They also happen to be extremely easy to set up and a great deal of fun to use. What’s your favorite smart home product? Let us know in the comments below.

Different Ways You Can Promote Your Music to a Wider Audience

Home recording is more accessible thanks to the latest kits and gadgets currently available. Now that you can record your own tunes and create a song from scratch in your home recording studio, you can start publishing great work for listeners to enjoy.

Producing your tracks is only half the battle. To get your songs or covers out to the listeners, you need to promote them. Fortunately, you now have a lot of different ways to promote your music to a wider audience, including these simple strategies you can implement immediately.

Make Music Videos

While SoundCloud and other audio sharing platforms are great, you can connect with even more people by venturing out to video sharing platforms. Yes, I’m talking about YouTube.

Making music videos for your tracks isn’t as difficult as you think. For starters, you already have a great video camera in your pocket – that camera on the back of your smartphone can make great videos that could help promote your music.

You can also try other tactics such as making lyrics videos for the audience to follow. Instead of shooting video clips, you use animations and other visual elements to create an interesting video that promotes both your music and the lyrics.

Engage the Audience

We really can’t talk about promoting music without talking about social media. Social media is a big part of both mainstream and indie music scenes today; not utilizing your social media profiles to get your music out is a big mistake.

Instead of blasting info about your latest tracks, try engaging in fun conversations with other social media users instead. While the main goal is promoting your music, you don’t have to be talking about your new tracks or asking people to listen to them all the time.

Turn to Your Inner Circle

You may not realize that you already have a loyal audience ready to promote your music to more listeners. The friends you have in your address book and messaging apps (including Snapchat) are also potential listeners to reach out to.

The best and easiest way to let them know about your new tracks is through the status message of your favorite messaging apps. You can, for example, use WhatsApp to share the URL to your latest song. Set your own unique WhatsApp status to make people look twice at your profile.

Go Offline

Last but not least, try some offline promotional tactics to help you gain the traction and exposure you need, especially when you are just getting started. Asking the local coffee shop to add your song the regular playlist is a good example of how offline promotion can boost your exposure greatly.

Another thing you can do offline is collaborating with other creators. Reach out to fellow music lovers who are also creating songs and covers at home. Work on a project together and combine forces to promote each other.

These are all simple ways to really push your music to the right listeners. As mentioned before, knowing how to promote your music is a part of the equation that you cannot neglect. Start small, take it one step at a time, and you’ll have thousands – millions – of listeners before you know it.

Home recording studio essentials for beginners


Sound recording is a fun, energizing and rewarding task. Also, the present reasonable innovation implies that anybody can have in their home the instruments required to have a professional sound recording setting. Gone are the days when this was just conceivable in a multi-million dollar studio.

Here is a list of things that are essential for your studio.

  1. Computer- If you are starting a studio from the scratch, the computer is one of the biggest investments to be made. However, these days everybody has a computer of some sort which they can work on for the recording studio.
  2. A DAW/Audio Interface combo- A DAW is a Digital Audio Workstation and this is the software that is used to record and edit audio recorded in the studio. You need an audio interface, which is the hardware that is used to connect the computer and the rest of your equipment.
  3. Microphones- It is always wise to have different collections of microphones in a studio and this usually occurs as a studio matures over time. You just need 1 or 2 microphones to get started, but if you want to expand your base, you must start collecting the different types of microphones available in the market. Each microphone is suitable  for different kinds of genres, tones and pitches, do your research and buy the right kind of microphones for you recording studio.
  4. Headphones- If you are starting afresh, it is highly likely that you spend time recording yourself or your band. This is the reason why in the beginning you only need one-two pairs of headphones. While buying headphones, make sure to buy the correct ones, the ones with close back headphones for efficient noise cancellation for tracking and the ones with open back headphones for mixing.
  5. Studio monitors- In the past, mixing was always done on the speakers, and slowly today that has evolved into mixing using open back headphones. Studio monitors have a flatter frequency, which provides a more clear, uncoloured and neutral sound, so that you can change your mix objectively. Usually monitors are pretty expensive, but with the right amount of research, one can always buy discounted or a little lower priced one for beginners.sound-engineer
  6. XLR Cables- When you first start a studio, you basically need three cables- one very long XLR Cable for your microphone and two short ones for the monitors. Before buying thee cables, double check the quality of these cables and also double-check that the stereo output of the audio interface has XLR connectors as some people use TRS cables.
  7. Microphone stands- A solid microphone stand is believed to be one of the most worthwhile investments in a studio despite its high rates. For beginners who find the cost of microphone too expensive, look up for refurbished or used microphone stands which come for a much cheaper rate.

10 Do’s and Don’ts for recording music

music recording


  1. Don’t be fooled when selecting the right studio- It’s vital to get allured by a sparkly expert studio with neither soul nor passion. You have to ensure you are working inside a domain that suits you. You could wind up creating a good record in your room if whoever’s producing it comprehends your music.
  2. Do not get trapped with dead ideas- We’ve witnessed it on numerous occasions with record names and administration organizations: pouring a large number of hours and a large number of dollars into dead collections that nobody tunes in to. The second you understand that anything can end up being a hit, you likewise understand that you have to take the specialty of composing and recording music truly and ensure it turns out as well as it could be expected. Don’t waste your fresh new talent on dead or dying songs, and be your own kind of creative.
  3. Do not ever release a demo to the public- A demo is a piece of what you could be in the event that you had a financial plan and more help. On the off chance that you think of releasing a demo to the people as your subsequent stage, stop right there. Nobody listens to demos anymore and nobody considers tuning in to an unremarkable account and envisioning what you could be.
  4. Do not rely on explanation- Do not think that everybody needs to hear the story behind your band. You should simply focus on making great music. If you have to clarify a tune with the end goal for individuals to like it, you’re not making great music. Try not to pressure story over the tune and its execution; ordinary performers are turning out with music that influences individuals to feel great with no explanation.
  5. Don’t be fooled when selecting a producer- don’t simply pick one who is well known or has worked with popular groups. Rather think carefully and contemplate who can make the process of recording and producing as smoothly as possible and who can understand what meaning you have behind your songs.preview


  1. Send your time making music and not recording it- You have to release your best tunes to the world– the ones which have enough profundity and quality to survive the recording and ageing process. Try not to race into expound recordings of tunes which aren’t fully done.
  2. Record yourself first- You can appreciate studio time significantly more in the event that you have heard yourself on record, and have gone over a few thoughts at home. This empowers you to feel more innovative and confident in your work.
  3. Be practical about the recording process- Before you start, you should check that you are extremely prepared, in monetary and musical terms. It is smarter to pause on the if you are not, rather than wasting time and money on something you are not content with. Also, ensure you have the important contracts set up.
  4. Mix up the classics a bit for a reference mix- Gather your most loved collections and tunes and go through them. In the event that you take a look at the parts that make up your most loved records, you’ll be able to understand what you’re looking for or show your producer what you are looking at. .
  5. Plan how many songs you want to record- Know your objectives before you begin recording – what number of songs would you like to record, in what order, and to what reason? Consider the contrasts amongst EPs and LPs and what you can utilize them for, and ensure you hold a few melodies back in the event that you require them for later releases.