Different Ways You Can Promote Your Music to a Wider Audience

Home recording is more accessible thanks to the latest kits and gadgets currently available. Now that you can record your own tunes and create a song from scratch in your home recording studio, you can start publishing great work for listeners to enjoy.

Producing your tracks is only half the battle. To get your songs or covers out to the listeners, you need to promote them. Fortunately, you now have a lot of different ways to promote your music to a wider audience, including these simple strategies you can implement immediately.

Make Music Videos

While SoundCloud and other audio sharing platforms are great, you can connect with even more people by venturing out to video sharing platforms. Yes, I’m talking about YouTube.

Making music videos for your tracks isn’t as difficult as you think. For starters, you already have a great video camera in your pocket – that camera on the back of your smartphone can make great videos that could help promote your music.

You can also try other tactics such as making lyrics videos for the audience to follow. Instead of shooting video clips, you use animations and other visual elements to create an interesting video that promotes both your music and the lyrics.

Engage the Audience

We really can’t talk about promoting music without talking about social media. Social media is a big part of both mainstream and indie music scenes today; not utilizing your social media profiles to get your music out is a big mistake.

Instead of blasting info about your latest tracks, try engaging in fun conversations with other social media users instead. While the main goal is promoting your music, you don’t have to be talking about your new tracks or asking people to listen to them all the time.

Turn to Your Inner Circle

You may not realize that you already have a loyal audience ready to promote your music to more listeners. The friends you have in your address book and messaging apps (including Snapchat) are also potential listeners to reach out to.

The best and easiest way to let them know about your new tracks is through the status message of your favorite messaging apps. You can, for example, use WhatsApp to share the URL to your latest song. Set your own unique WhatsApp status to make people look twice at your profile.

Go Offline

Last but not least, try some offline promotional tactics to help you gain the traction and exposure you need, especially when you are just getting started. Asking the local coffee shop to add your song the regular playlist is a good example of how offline promotion can boost your exposure greatly.

Another thing you can do offline is collaborating with other creators. Reach out to fellow music lovers who are also creating songs and covers at home. Work on a project together and combine forces to promote each other.

These are all simple ways to really push your music to the right listeners. As mentioned before, knowing how to promote your music is a part of the equation that you cannot neglect. Start small, take it one step at a time, and you’ll have thousands – millions – of listeners before you know it.

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