Home recording studio essentials for beginners

Sound recording is a fun, energizing and rewarding task. Also, the present reasonable innovation implies that anybody can have in their home the instruments required to have a professional sound recording setting. Gone are the days when this was just conceivable in a multi-million dollar studio.

Here is a list of things that are essential for your studio.

  1. Computer- If you are starting a studio from the scratch, the computer is one of the biggest investments to be made. However, these days everybody has a computer of some sort which they can work on for the recording studio.
  2. A DAW/Audio Interface combo- A DAW is a Digital Audio Workstation and this is the software that is used to record and edit audio recorded in the studio. You need an audio interface, which is the hardware that is used to connect the computer and the rest of your equipment.
  3. Microphones- It is always wise to have different collections of microphones in a studio and this usually occurs as a studio matures over time. You just need 1 or 2 microphones to get started, but if you want to expand your base, you must start collecting the different types of microphones available in the market. Each microphone is suitable  for different kinds of genres, tones and pitches, do your research and buy the right kind of microphones for you recording studio.
  4. Headphones- If you are starting afresh, it is highly likely that you spend time recording yourself or your band. This is the reason why in the beginning you only need one-two pairs of headphones. While buying headphones, make sure to buy the correct ones, the ones with close back headphones for efficient noise cancellation for tracking and the ones with open back headphones for mixing.
  5. Studio monitors- In the past, mixing was always done on the speakers, and slowly today that has evolved into mixing using open back headphones. Studio monitors have a flatter frequency, which provides a more clear, uncoloured and neutral sound, so that you can change your mix objectively. Usually monitors are pretty expensive, but with the right amount of research, one can always buy discounted or a little lower priced one for beginners.sound-engineer
  6. XLR Cables- When you first start a studio, you basically need three cables- one very long XLR Cable for your microphone and two short ones for the monitors. Before buying thee cables, double check the quality of these cables and also double-check that the stereo output of the audio interface has XLR connectors as some people use TRS cables.
  7. Microphone stands- A solid microphone stand is believed to be one of the most worthwhile investments in a studio despite its high rates. For beginners who find the cost of microphone too expensive, look up for refurbished or used microphone stands which come for a much cheaper rate.

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